Local Moving

Local Moving Services

Life is unpredictable. There’s really no telling where your old job, newly chosen career, or personal life decisions can take you next. But one thing is certain: you will need to plan your move down to the smallest detail. Here at ivimove we are well-aware of the fact that planning your household move can really do a number on your stress level. Everything from renting a truck to packing your belongings and transporting everything to your new location can be stressful. And it usually means having to recruit friends and family to help you. If you can afford to hire local or interstate movers, you might end up hiring the wrong people for the job. And it can all turn into a nightmare.

Opting for a professional moving service to assist you is, however, a lifesaver. Here at ivi moving, we specialize in both local and cross country moving. So no matter if you plan on moving within your city, your state, or across the country, our movers’ can provide you with the outstanding service you deserve. We will provide you with an excellent fleet of modern “Air Ride” trucks readily available to cater to your every need.

We specialize in the full range of door-to-door service moves, including blanket and padding of all of your standard furniture for enhanced levels of protection throughout the trip. We can also assist you with the disassembly of your standard furniture at the time of the pickup, and at the time of the delivery. We can go room by room and re-assemble your items, placing them where they belong. In other words, we can ease or completely eliminate this particular type of stress that we know everyone planning a move is prone to experience.

Packing and Unpacking Services

When asked what it the most stressful part of moving, most people would answer it is the packing and unpacking process. ivi moving offers professional packing and unpacking services that will completely eliminate the stress.

    1. We use the most reliable packing materials, effective equipment, and our full expertise in order to ensure the highest levels of protection for your residential items during transportation.

Plus, once our team will reach your new address, they will proceed to carefully unpack your belongings under your strict direction. And don’t worry – we won’t leave any of the packing boxes and paddings behind! We never leave any of the packing materials behind, so you can immediately start enjoying your clutter-free home!


Customer Satisfaction

    We firmly believe that consistent communication with our clients is critical to their satisfaction, as well as peace of mind. This is the reason why we have a highly experienced and knowledgeable customer service department readily available to cater to your every need. We are prepared to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. We will keep you informed of the progress on your move in real time. You will not be left wondering where your items are at a certain time, or when they will be delivered to you after the pickup. Feel free to read some of our moving company reviews.

Moving Insurance

In case of any damage to your property while being packed, moved or stored, we handle all the repair costs so you can rest easy knowing your stuff are safe with us.